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Find is from which are in the country we’ve talked this message in a few different locations in with fans been really am quite popularization to the time when we talk about investment properties what we find spokespeople on the number of investment properties that you have so who you only have to open you know the magazines and seven properties in seven years or properties in months orbit’s really.

by Sana Talia properties that you have where is the way that refocused on it’s that we decided to think we’ll with the N Go love these properties provide us with a on I lost all but lost our cause have some cash flow so was chatting with them they feed the horses the edits from the money magazine couple years ago now Standish sent us the challenge of how to two-and-a-half thousand dollars per week building a property.

investment portfolio and that was debt-free am so we were so the challenge and we’ll happily to happy to take that on and a I must say that throughout the house in dole’s week was a very toll challenge it’s not something that I we took lightly but we did it for three different scenario sit was a single a -year-old three-miles mid s couple with that two younger children and mid s couple with two older children who’d never invest in property.

what I would need to do to actually be outta be with a passive income retarding all they did as well as pointless progresses so I’m happy to say that to the first an aria and I needed one and pet supplies to resident sand three investment properties in the second scenario they need the presidential and three investment.

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