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person knocked on my door and another person knocked on my door wanna is hurry light helping real estate agents deal there well in order to get better at it I decided to go back to school so I went Roget my coaching degree and my coaching certification in also went back to get my graduate degree organizational psychology and today I coach night train will stage is all over the country on how to build thirtieths.

one day I received a top that I would considers game-changer this was forma big realistic a problem they had a prolific relocation division have lots listing opportunistic me they had identified a grip real estate agents to receive this opportunities but happy with the conversion in the house opposition for me they wanted me said have each one up there agents company and one by one pretend like.

I was a seller and a one-percent their listing presentation my job was to critique their listing presentation thank you ideas what they could weekend interesting job in so I made the decision and I would do it or really I would be board after the first couple really nothing could be further tree the first few people me and I would critique them and give them ideas how’d listing presentation but started wondering in right I’m not sure with the ones that were good good with the ones that were bad really bad so we went to the company and them yes ask them for the production day the person sitting in front me but I didn’t wanna see top after thing listing.

Nation so started valuating really where they good listing after I  Valuations NSW would and sure enough I was right so West wood doing this I started making new up the common denominators at the mistakes that we remade enlisting Asian I also started looking at the common denominators the things that were done really well and was presentations the things that the really great stirs did and that was what bill my city chick just program those mistakes that I savor what I’m going to be working everything next yes and this is the first on the some let’s get.

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