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interfered at the scene.His brother was driving when the brick shattered the rear windshield.The owner confronted a group of men, and they began beating him, Davis said.The car owner’s brother, who was driving the car, fired a shot that grazed Bolding’s brother’s leg and ricocheted into Bolding’s foot.Neither the shooter, the car owner nor Bolding’s brother were identified pending further investigation.”We had a situation that could easily have gotten out of hand,” he said.People come out and criticize (police) in the middle of an incident, but they don’t realize the danger they could be in.

We had a gun out there  conveyancer melbourne  that had not been recovered, and people had their young children out there with them.The crowd ignored police instructions to disperse, and several fights broke out during the incident.Davis called The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department’s special operations team, and officers from Hillsboro, Courtland and Town Creek for assistance.North Courtland has two full-time officers and one who works part time.

Davis said the town does not have 24-hour police protection, and it is up to residents to report crimes and illegal activity.”People have information about what’s going on in North Courtland, but they won’t come forward and tell the police,” Davis said.We get criticized for not doing anything, but we don’t know about it.The only time we find out about drug and crime activity is when it happens.ODEN RIDGE

Rescuers today located four people believed to be relatively new to Morgan County after they spent the night in a ravine called Devil’s Cellar at Oden Ridge.Morgan County Emergency Management Director Eddie Hicks said Donnie Burns, 39, Kevin Burns, 20, and two 13-year-old boys walked out of the woods unharmed near Wilson Mountain Road and Jewell-LaSalle Road before 8 a.m.He said family members took them to a residence on Jewell-LaSalle Road, where they would spend the remainder of the day.

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