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What You Can Learn From Bill Gates About property valuation

9clients the -month cash flow forecast every months I know exactly have a tracking to the model Barack so the idea behind this is a guy in store getting a benchmark say what the injury should be looking to do to assist the client in you personally in terms of what you’re going to do now there are a lot of assumption sand forecasts in these models there has to be it’s a forty-year you know exercise I’ll.

come back to soccer’s okay going cuss I will get tonight now on Archer passion announce a passion onto from that point of view it its it’s really important they said that the assumptions that were my king we’ve got and superannuation I’m contributions we’ve got and cash decided to cancel three percent so we’ve we’ve built a lot all modeling into what we’re doing and we think we’ve built a lot of comfort.

into those numbers now the reality is still going to be the assets elections to elect to be very good so the implementation of that asset selection is really determine on the talks the variables and the tops the returns which I sing so we now business if we just got back into the %um the backcloths marketable Tigers many questions at the end as possible just talking high plans for all for jumping onto the next one communal okay so in an hour so what we’ve gone it’s been a lot of time working on is we spend a lot of time in in an hour analyzing a read/write growth areas that are gonna give us areas to give us

growth as opposed to give issue and properties the actual talks for properties that you described and we’ve given them some interesting knives proven performer rare earth million dollars should change in price a Chinese Vice-wide right and what we do is we explain to our clients exactly what topic demographics and what informational we getting for ties particular client so that’s a growth strategy and this property is a growth strategy sis cast on roger.

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